Winter Is Coming Bundle

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$102.99 $113.99

Winter wellness is about two things—prioritizing immune support and striving to achieve max coziness. (Of course, that includes lots of hot cocoas.)     

Prepare your hive for the harshest season of the year with our 5 winter staples—Propolis Throat Spray, Propolis Throat Spray for Kids, B.Powered Superfood Honey, Superfood Cacao Honey, and Sweet Clover. It’s everything you need to naturally support energy and immunity—and enjoy the best hot cocoas—all winter!

A perfect winter includes lots of hot cocoas, plenty of fun powder days, and a season-long win in the battle against the sniffles. Sound wonderful? Well, this bundle contains everything you need to make that dream come true!            

-Propolis is nature’s defender. A few spritzes is all it takes to naturally support your immune system. And the same goes for your little ones! We added an antioxidant-rich drizzle of buckwheat honey into our Kids Propolis Spray for extra soothing support.      

-Whether you’re fighting off a bug or just feel a little lethargic, B.Powered is your natural active solution. Energizing and nourishing, a small spoonful is all it takes to keep you out there crushing the slopes, snow or not!       

-When you’re in a cozier mood, you can naturally sweeten your tea and holiday bakes with our classic Sweet Clover Honey. With rich undertones of spicy gingerbread and vanilla, it is the perfect wholesome sweetener to get you in the festive spirit                  

-And nothing is better than a hot cocoa made with our Super food Cacao Honey. Wholesome yet decadent, it’s the best way to get your chocolate fix. All. Winter. Long.

  • Immune Support
  • Raw + Real
  • Energizing
  • Paleo    
  • Family Friendly  

Propolis Throat Spray: 95% high grade bee propolis extract, non-GMO vegetable glycerin, purified water.

Propolis Throat Spray for Kids: Bee propolis extract, buckwheat honey, non-GMO vegetable glycerin, and purified water.   

B.Powered: Raw honey with royal jelly, bee pollen, and bee propolis extract.

Medicinal quantities per teaspoon:

Royal Jelly = 745 mg

Bee Pollen = 532 mg

Bee Propolis Extract = 43mg

Superfood Cacao Honey: 100% raw, sustainably-sourced, enzymatic honey and raw cacao powder (made from raw Ecuadorian Arriba criollo cacao beans).

Sweet Clover Honey: 100% raw, sustainably sourced, enzymatic sweet clover honey.

Propolis Throat Spray: For daily use, take 3-4 sprays of propolis once or twice daily. During periods of increased stress or fatigue, take 4-5 sprays of propolis up to 5 times daily.*  

Propolis Throat Spray for Kids: For daily use, kids can take 3-4 sprays of propolis once or twice daily. During periods of increased stress or fatigue, take 4-5 sprays of propolis up to 3 times daily.*  

B.Powered: Drizzle over morning toast, granola, and smoothies, or enjoy by the spoonful! For best results, adults can take 1 teaspoon regularly each morning for sustained energy. Children between 6-12 years, take only 1/2 teaspoon.** 

Superfood Cacao Honey: Upgrade your hot cocoas, smoothies, toast, and midnight snacks with a rich chocolatey spoonful. (It’s so good, we wouldn’t blame you if you ate some straight out of the jar!) It’s a winter must-have. 

Sweet Clover Honey: Perfect for drizzling into tea on a chilly day. With subtle notes of spicy gingerbread and vanilla, this honey also makes the perfect wintertime addition to fruit, oatmeal, toast, and healthy festive bakes.      

The BKN Method


BKN bees use plants to make superfoods.


We sustainably hand-harvest those superfood with lots of love.


Our scientists diligently make sure they are of the highest quality.


You get to enjoy natural health-boosting solutions straight from the hive!

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