Move Over, Runny Noses—Introducing Throat Spray for Kids!

Move Over, Runny Noses—Introducing Throat Spray for Kids!

Oct 12, 2018Jordyn Cormier

Coming down with a bad case of the sniffles is fun for no one—especially our little ones. Active kids are especially susceptible to catching all those icky germs and bugs going around. Let’s face it—our little bumblers need natural immune support just as much (if not more) than we do.      

But most kids’ “remedies” are loaded with ultra-processed sugars, artificial colorings, artificial flavors, and chemical preservatives—nasty stuff. That’s why we decided to take matters into our own hands.     

Say hello to Throat Spray for Kids!

Kids deserve natural immune support that is both clean and effective. Our game-changing new Throat Spray for Kids is a naturally powerful blend of bee propolis extract and soothing buckwheat honey. Together, they’re nature’s first line of immune defense, no matter what’s going around.      

Meet the immune dream team…   

Propolis comes straight from the hive to help fortify and defend young immune systems. Full of antioxidants, propolis supports the body in fighting off all those airborne nasties that can lead to scratchy throats and runny noses. That means less snotty tissues and more time spent outside on the playground. Hooray!              

To make our Throat Spray for Kids even more soothing on scratchy throats, we added in a nourishing drizzle of buckwheat honey. Not only is delicious buckwheat honey one of the most antioxidant-rich honeys on the planet, it is also a legit powerhouse when it comes to natural immune support.  

According to one study, the symptom soothing powers of buckwheat honey rival those of synthetic OTC remedies. A pre-bedtime spoonful of buckwheat honey performed as well as a dose of conventional children’s cough syrup when it came to nighttime coughing. In fact, parents involved in the study rated the buckwheat honey as the most favorable treatment for their kids.  

It’s official—buckwheat honey gets the Mom Seal of Approval!      

Kid-friendly, Mom-approved                

We think it’s time to clean out the nasty stuff in our remedies. We’re all about giving our kids’ bodies what they actually need to feel great and heal naturally. That’s why our Throat Spray for Kids contains nothing artificial, no colorings, no added flavors, no GMOs, no potentially harmful chemicals, no fluff. Just the pure, natural immune power of the hive to fortify, nourish, and soothe our little ones—and a delicious taste that even the pickiest kids can get behind!    

Check out Throat Spray for Kids here to help your family stay healthy throughout the worst of sniffle season!        

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