How to Survive Social Distancing (Without Losing Your Mind)

How to Survive Social Distancing (Without Losing Your Mind)

Mar 19, 2020Jordyn Cormier

According to the CDC, social distancing is the best thing you can do to protect the wellbeing of those who are at greatest risk right now. So, it looks like we’re going to all be hunkering down for a little while… but that doesn’t mean you’ll stop hearing from us! We want to help you feel loved, inspired, active, and sane while you’re tucked in at home. So, to help you get through those stir crazy moments, here's your extra-strength dose of good... 

Allow yourself to get creative.    

Learn a new creative skill by tuning in to one of CreativeLive’s free online classes! Or let your inner child guide you—just pull out some art materials and get wild!   

Meditate with people from around the world.    

Self-isolation doesn’t have to feel so, well, isolating. Vibe with a global community with Tap In, a live (free) meditation app that encourages people across the globe to tune in for a collective 10 minute meditation every day at 3pm EST. 

Rearrange your furniture.    

Got cabin fever already? Get your feng shui on to freshen up your home energy. Start here by reading up on the basics

Get your sweat on!  

You don’t need the gym to stay fit. Our fierce team member Jodie is a fitness badass and Nike ambassador. Workout with her in these videos we made to help you to stay you in tip top shape while you’re safe at home.      

Watch an opera… at the Met.  

The Metropolitan Opera in NYC is streaming its performances nightly, for FREE. If you’ve never seen a world-class opera before, now’s your chance! 

Treat yo’self.   

Up your self care game by taking a bubble bath, enjoying some self massage, and treating yourself to a good face mask. (We mean the kind for beauty, not germs.) We made this video to show you how we love to do ours with B.Powered. In the meantime, try to habitually practice self love in the morning by journaling or checking out our fantastic coaching videos.    

Read that book that you’ve been meaning to finish. 

Short on fresh books? Choose a new audiobook to listen to… here’s 101 of the best ones.

Watch the good movies you’ve never seen. 

Finally make headway on your movie bucket list. Check out 30 fantastic Best Picture winners you can easily watch online here. Or get up to speed on the nominees you may have missed from the 2020 Oscars here.

Flash virtual dance party, anyone?    

Dancing is one of the best stress busters that we can think of. Here’s a solid dance party playlist from Greatist if you need inspo. Now, all you have to do is name the time and send your friends the Google Hangout link. 

(And don't be afraid to play dress up. If you're new to working from home, yes, the pants-free lifestyle is pretty great. But it’s nice to feel civilized once in a while, too. Try dressing to the nines for virtual meetings. Tiaras optional.)   

Learn how to cook something new.  

You’ve probably got lots of food stashed in your pantry—get creative with it! Get exotic with new recipes and go culinary country hopping. Or try baking something new and challenging from scratch, like homemade croissants. (Get inspired to get in the kitchen by watching a few episodes of Salt Fat Acid Heat or the Great British Baking Show first.)  

Feeling stressed? Talk to someone.   

Video chat with a friend when you’re feeling in need of some human connection. And you can always talk to a licensed therapist through sites like Talkspace if you need some extra support during these challenging times. 

Remember, we're all in this together. 

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