Dust off Your Valentine's Routine with These Meaningful Activities (No Matter What Your Relationship Status)

Dust off Your Valentine's Routine with These Meaningful Activities (No Matter What Your Relationship Status)

Feb 05, 2019Jordyn Cormier

Cupid. Is. Coming. If you haven’t already noticed the pink hearts popping up everywhere, let us be the first to remind you that it’s getting close to Valentine’s Day.    

Was that a 'yay'? Or an 'ugh'?      

If you feel like the whole Valentine’s Day scene can be a little much, you're definitely not alone. Cheap chocolates, saccharine cards, and heart-shaped everything—talk about cringeworthy. In fact, 49 percent of us don't even plan on celebrating the holiday at all (according to a recent survey), thanks to its reputation as a Hallmark holiday that embodies commercialism more than love.   

But we all deserve to feel and give love in a meaningful, authentic way on Valentine's Day (and every other day). So instead of avoiding the holiday altogether, join us in taking this year as an opportunity to ditch the meaningless gestures and cliché routines. Let’s make this Valentine’s Day truly all about love and gratitude for yourself and those closest to you. After all, love is for everyone.      

Here are a few of our hive’s fave healthy holiday activities to inspire you to shake things up and celebrate what this holiday is really about—love:        

For the gal pals…    

If you want to spend Valentine's Day having fun with your best friend(s), there are loads of activities you can do that aren’t all pink and frilly. For starters, making brunch together at home is sure to be a blast. Lots of laughter, strong coffee, and a sweet stack drizzled with honey? Breakfast together is never a bad idea—Always. Be. Brunching. 

Later on, you could get together to tackle a new workout (one that’s just outside of your comfort zones) or try a new creative activity. Maybe it’s a watercolor workshop or a hardcore boxing class—the point is that you’re doing something new and challenging, and you’re in it together!      

In the evening, snuggle in to watch a movie (chick flick anyone?) and take a page from besties Drew & Cameron by treating yo’selves to some B.Powered Superfood Honey facials. And at some point, it’s probably worth mentioning how grateful you are to have such incredible friends in your life. (A little cheesy? Maybe. But totally necessary.)         

For the adventure seekers…

Find you favorite adventure partner (this could be a significant other, best friend, or even your dog) and spend your Valentine’s Day embarking on an exciting escapade! Go on a day hike, try a new activity like snowshoeing, or pull out your camera and see where the inspiration takes you. Whatever you choose to do, here’s some pro advice: don’t forget the Propolis Throat Spray to help keep your immune system expedition-level strong.          

If you really want to *up* the romance factor, try creating a scavenger hunt for your adventurous loved one. Pack their bag with water, healthy snacks, Propolis Spray, extra layers, a handwritten love note, a camera, and maybe tuck in a beautiful flower. Then, set off hand-in-hand on a mission to discover the most secluded, romantic vistas in your area. Afterwards, hold each other close, drink something warm and soothing, and maybe even watch the sunset. (When it comes to saying goodnight, you’ll be extra thankful for that cootie fighting, bee-fresh breath!)     

For the diehard romantics…

Do you LOVE Valentine’s Day? Instead of wasting money on super commercial gifts, why not actually make February 14th about love? Start off with a divine breakfast in bed for your special someone. Load their plate with honey-drizzled homemade pancakes, fresh fruit, and their favorite flowers. Really show them that you appreciate everything they do.         

In the evening, treat your sweetie to something decadent—perhaps a sexy Superfood Cacao Honey fondue with fresh berries for dipping—before hitting the town in your dancing shoes to enjoy some live music. Later on, you can gaze into each other's eyes, whisper sweet nothings, you know, do the whole romance thing. Consider it the ultimate date night, no corny store-bought cards or refined confections needed. 

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